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Glitterfest!     Current Application 


Glitterfest is a juried art sale and event.  We are continuously looking for unique and unusual artisans and vintage purveyors.  If you have questions about our event, please send an email to

10 x 10 Booth Downstairs includes 2 chairs-$325.00

8 x 10 Booth or Stage Space Upstairs includes 2 chairs-$325.00

8ft Table Upstairs includes table, 2 chairs, table clothes-$275.00

6ft table Upstairs includes table, 2 chairs, table clothes-$225.00

The venue has a large elevator as well as stairs to access

the upper levels.

Your space fee can be paid by check, Paypal, or credit card by phone.

For Checks-Make them payable to "Glitterfest".

For Paypal-Please use "" for sending payment.

By phone-Call us at (714) 573-1025

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